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Here you will find more products for silver surface treatment:


Antitarnish-POST-DIP is a high concentrate of tensides composition which is used as a static post-dip rinse in the process sequence of Antitarnish-M-100. The product helps to remove undissolved particles of Antitarnish-M-100 from treated/protected surfaces and avoids by this the spotting on these surfaces. Antitarnish-POST-DIP is used in a 1% dosage. Antitarnish-POST-DIP is a composition of different non-ionic tensides.


Antitarnish-TITRATION-ADD is an additive used to estimate the residual quantity of active substance in used Antitarnish-M100 solutions.


ED-100 is a cyanide-free electrolytic degreasing salt for electrolytic degreasing of all standard metal objects. It is used for anodic degreasing of steel. Furthermore it is also used for the removal of the protective layer of Antitarnish-M-100.


Silver-OX is an easy to use black silver stain. By careful polishing after usage of the stain, also a bluish colour is achievable. The brilliance of the surface still remains after the etching process. Silver-OX is a ready-to-use solution.The stain is a strong alkaline solution, without any cyanide, but it contains a small amount of semi-metal.


Silver-OX-Remover removes the oxidation / tarnish layer from silver surfaces and brings back the brightness of silver. Silver-OX-Remover is a ready-to-use solution. The tarnished silver just needs to be treated by immersion in Silver-OX-Remover solution. Depending on the grade of tarnish, the reaction time may take several minutes. At the end the parts need to be washed under warm tap water for at least two minutes and afterwards to be polished until dryness.

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